Title:Hat Bands from Ronan, MT
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Description:If you don't look your best, you're cheating yourself! You'll Love the Look! We offer a wide choice of fashionable hat bands for both men and women. Enjoy Free Shipping, Satisfaction Guaranteed. The original purpose of a leather hat band was to adjust the hat size to fit the head and cover the stitching where the crown and brim meet. Today, the hat band can be an attractive accessory to change the look of all felt and straw hats. Changing the band changes and personalizes a hat conforming to one's taste, complexion and hair. An example might be turquoise to accent blue eyes. One popular idea is to harmonize the hat band with a shirt or complete suit. Most people should have more than one hat, one for dress as well as one for every day. We have bracelets, key rings and necklaces matching some hat bands. Care should be taken to match the color of the hat band and any accents to that of the belt and boots. An example might be a Brown Feather Hat Band OC802. This feather hat band is 5/8" wide and features full length gold plated bead trim and one antique look concho placed over a loop of black leather lace. This is a nice accent for either a black or brown hat and a good contrast for a white or straw hat. It is adjustable and can go from 21" to around 25".
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